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Our drive: Connect you to nature and each other

Welcome to Ocean Nomads from your Community hosts: Brianna & Suzanne

We're here to connect you the right persons, sailboats, opportunities, projects, tips, courses, and resources to accelerate your ocean nomads journey, happy, safe, and meaningful. Sea you on the inside!

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✓ Supportive global network helping out each other before, during and after trips (Priceless)

Personal Introductions (Not seen anywhere else)

✓ Access to +10 nomad resources and mini-courses for a safe and eco sailing experience (Valued +1000 euro)

✓ Member deals and bonuses (Valued +500 euro) + More coming

Priority Access to upcoming trips (Always sold out) 

✓ Be the first to know and jump on crewing opportunities, driven crew available, boatsitting, raft-ups, meet-ups and other adventures (Priceless)

✓ Thought provoking idea and knowledge sharing on sailinglife & sustainability

Minimum of 12 Online Meet-ups & Network Events in your membership deal (Priceless) 

✓ LifetimeS and millions of Nautical Miles of experience to be found in this network, accessible from your pocket. Explore stories & receive advice. (Priceless)

Belong and contribute to the one and only global eco sailing tribe for a healthier ocean (Thank you!)

✓ Lock in the best deals today for the membership, upcoming courses & trips.  The price locked in today is forever yours. 


Get out there faster, safer, more sustainable & with your people.

Total value: Lifetime Memories!

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We must go and see for ourselves." - Jacques Yves Cousteau

"Joining Ocean Nomads, I found so many beautiful souls & teachers at one place. Each step brings me further to a life, aligned with nature and waters, and I am grateful to know that there are people who I can trust, share time and connect with." - Valeska

"I absolutely LOVE what Ocean Nomads is about and how you are building this network! Getting connected to fellow ocean lovers who thrive on and close to the water has been a real pleasure so far. Going on spontaneous boat rides with similar minds has really helped to keep the nature spirit alive! " - Willemijn

“What I hoped to gain from this community was the option of finding crew. Instead what I found is a collection of people who get what I do, who understand why we make certain choices and who are willing to support each other. And that is something i needed way more than just someone to sail with.” - Michiel

You Are The Average Of The five People You Spend The Most Time With” – Jim Rohn

Spent time with people who live or are looking to live the lifestyle, adventures and missions you dream of. Before you know it, you live it too!